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About UrbaNef Association

UrbaNef association has no business or financial purpose.

Althow,  the UrbaNef association has no cash or treasurer.

We are a non-profit organization governed by
Article 2 of the Law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of 9 August 1901.

UrbaNef association has nothing to do with any trade because it is not a real estate company or a real estate agent as some of our locally elected would like us to believe  * (see note below).

UrbaNef association does not intend to sell or buy anything because she has nothing but his intention not to be manipulated by some evils who believe that others are like them. ..

UrbaNef association is a collective that was created to limit municipal derivatives, to carry the word of the inhabitants of Neffiès, and to propose a global citizen reflection on the future of our town; this becoming that escapes to most inhabitants and transforms our village slowly is not only inevitable, but also the consequence of the choice of our elected official representatives.

The association was born to questionable management of our village by a chosen few who have a personal approach and a narrow vision of the community and are influencing the direction of global policies of our village.

UrbaNef arose from the lack of reliability of decisions made by our elected for fifteen years and who have sometimes make costly mistakes to people who rely on these decisions taken « unanimously by council  » because these decisions were diverted from its intended purpose and announced to all and are not carried out then . How can we trust when reliability is questioned ?

The UrbaNef association was born because individuals in the villages have paid out of pocket for the damage caused by incompetence and whims of a few elected and now, that’s enough!

We want more coordination, coherence, transparency and monitoring in the ads that are made to neffiessois, over time and decisions made by our local elected representants.

We have the right to know, we request access to public data that are hidden from us, in order to clearly understand the coherence and feasibility of municipal decisions, which are imposed on all neffiessois in private, without real consultation by less than a handful of elected officials. We are tired of unnecessary waste that can not be justified and that divide opinions. Enough patronage and arrangements.

UrbaNef offers a common reflection ground for all villagers, even if they are young, old, Catholics, atheists, foreign, french, artists, students, sportsmen, farmers, strain, right, left, environmentalists , cyclists, pedestrians, rich, poor, owners, tenants, unemployed, pensioners.

The UrbaNef association invites the public to morally support its citizen action and why not, to join for free to the Association which, I repeat, does not intend to run for any municipal election, now or later.

You can write by mail at urbanef [@], or contact us through the site.

The President of the Association UrbaNef,

Alain Barthe

* Note: During the public meeting on 12 February 2012, false allegations were announced in public and it was necessary to address an answer by mail to the person concerned.

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